Why Is My Child Always Hungry?

, Why Is My Child Always Hungry?

If your child has an insatiable hunger, it can leave you in a tricky spot. Do you stand firm against their persistent pestering, or give in and risk overfeeding them?

The thing is, your child’s early eating habits can dictate their weight later in life, so knowing how to decode their bottomless hunger is key. Here are some questions to ask yourself next time your child becomes a non-stop eating machine.

If the answer is ‘yes’ to the following questions, then it’s possible it’s not real hunger.

  1. Are they craving or bored?
  2. Not enough fuel vs the growth spurt
  3. They’re still learning how to be patient
  4. Is snack time too sporadic? When was the last time they ate? was it 30 minute ago?
  5. Are they struggling to eat what you serve up?
  6. Are they just seeking our attention?

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