2 days ago

Kid- Approved Muesli Cookies

This recipe has been changed a few times to get the texture most kids would approved. 3 cups rolled oats 
1/2 cup spelt flour 
100g butter, melted, cooled 

2 days ago

How To Get Kids In The Kitchen

Whether it’s getting slack with snacks, taking extra advantage of takeaway, or simply grazing through the day, the time has come to get your meal time routine back (...

2 months ago

The Winning Lunchbox Formula

With one third of a child’s daily food intake consumed at school, it’s worth making sure you get the lunch box balance right. The lunch box formula A nutrition...

2 months ago

Kid-Friendly Raspberry Ice Blocks

When you want to avoid the inevitable school pick up question “mum can I have an ice cream?” You can feel good about serving up these raspberry ice blocks/p...

1 year ago

Why Is My Child Always Hungry?

If your child has an insatiable hunger, it can leave you in a tricky spot. Do you stand firm against their persistent pestering, or give in and risk overfeeding them? T...