Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist and Author.

As a trusted health expert in the field of nutrition and exercise of almost 20 years, I soon discovered that a lot of the information out there is unrealistic, conflicting or just plain false. There’s so much noise about what you should and shouldn’t be doing. What to feed your kids; what not to feed them. And it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Through The Right Balance, I’m committed to doing the research required to deliver best-practice advice and effective solutions via my publications and as a spokesperson. You can find more on our services here.

I contribute to a wide array of publications and also a regular on Daily Edition, Mornings and A Current Affair. My first book What’s Eating You? is the product of my desire to inspire women and families – because it is possible to find balance and reap the rewards of a healthy lifestyle.

I know it’s not easy balancing motherhood, career and the health of your family, and as a working mum of three kids, I understand and relate to these challenges. From quick, healthy family recipes to promoting wellbeing, anyone can take steps to better health and balanced lifestyle.

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