Nutrition, Health & Media Communications

The Right Balance will assist with your nutrition and health communication strategies to ensure accurate and credible content. We have extensive experience in delivering cutting edge health content to millions via publications and as a spokesperson across print, broadcast, online media and strategic health campaigns.

Health and Nutrition Consulting

We specialise in providing evidence-based health advice to consumers, government, corporations and food industry. Our goal is to translate the latest nutrition and fitness research into easy-to-understand, practical concepts, that can be used straight away.

Recipe Development 

Whether you are looking for recipes suitable for allergies, intolerances or to suit particular target audience, our team of Accredited Practicing Dietitians (APD) and Nutritionist are passionate about developing innovative and nourishing dishes, including recipe testing and nutritional analysis. Our focus is on using wholefood ingredients to develop a wealth of dishes to suit all requirements.

Corporate Wellness 

We offer an extensive range of health and wellbeing workshops and seminars facilitated by our highly qualified and experienced health professionals. Each workshop is designed to raise health awareness, build knowledge and develop skills, and provide your staff with focussed, on-trend health information delivered in an edu-taining style. Examples of the topics we cover include:

  • Building Resilience
  • Achieving Peak Performance
  • Brain Food For Business
  • Mindfulness for Busy People

For more information about our services, please contact us.