How To Make Better Decisions

mother making decisions

AS A MOTHER, I want the best for my brood, but sometimes that leads me to over thinking every single decision I have to make. It’s exhausting and I know it’s pointless, but sometimes I can’t help but get stuck in a spiral of second guessing my actions. To put an end to this, I’ve put together my top 3 ‘mantras’ that  helped me kick this habit and be confident in the choices I make.

1. Follow your gut feeling

There are always endless options and possibilities. Although your friends and family may opt for one decision, it’s important to choose the one that feels fundamentally aligned with your values. I call this ‘a good gut feeling’ choice. I remember facing this situation when organising a birthday party for my son, and felt the pressure to serve common party foods, that I knew would hype him up. Of course I wanted to be seen as a ‘cool’ mum, but feeding the children better more natural foods and a lower sugar cake aligned better with my gut feelings, so that’s what I decided to do.

2. Done is better than perfect

Sometimes the thing that holds us back from making a choice or decision is a fear of failure. What if you do X, Y or Z, and it doesn’t work out exactly as you pictured it would? Most of the time these terrible situations never eventuate! Time is of the essence in all of our lives so once you’ve made a decision, don’t ponder about the possible outcomes. Just know that you’ve made the best decision you could have in the time available, and whatever will be will be. Done is better than perfect.

3. Use hindsight

We all learn from our past experiences, and usually more from the bad ones than good ones. However, the point isn’t to beat yourself up about what happened and feel guilty. Instead just note what you’d do differently next time and move on. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get it right so don’t dwell on the few times you might get it wrong.