If you are looking for a Media Nutritionist, Presenter, Brand Spokesperson, Branding and Communications Strategist, or Freelance Writer, please get in touch. Additional information such as my Media Kit is available upon request.

I love partnering with brands and publications that are looking to align with my food values.


2 thoughts on “Press and Media

  1. I have cut down on sugar in my diet, how ever I am now stuck for healthy snacks when working night shift, I’m so surprised how much sugar is hidden in foods which I thought would be good in moderation. I have tried carrots & celery sticks, but honestly it just doesn’t cut it at 3 am. What sort of nuts would be the best and are soy chips ok to mix in with the nuts? Cheers Donna

    1. All nuts are great! they contain good fats, protein and fibre and best of all are filling. Just watch your portions, especially at that time of night. Are you a shift worker?

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